Lifelines; A Father's Legacy

I have just begun a long term writing project.

 working title;

"Lifelines; A Father's Legacy:"  
Synopsis: A father's endeavour to leave for his Children a written historical legacy that imparts their belonging to something larger and more meaningful than they could have ever imagined. A Family Heritage portrayed as a richly woven mosaic holding within its tapestry images that speak of where they come from. This beautifully written family history is a work of enduring love and is the most sacred gift a parent could ever give their children.
It trails a lifeline along their father's years of hardships, heartaches, adventures and ultimate quest for the discovery of what it means to live as a mixed blood treaty Indian in worlds where he was never accepted as belonging fully to any one race.
Eventually battling family courts all the way to the Superior Court of Ontario there were behind the scenes deceptions by Native Child Workers and serious legal errors of rulings by the courts. Intrigues and betrayals, both personal and political, that worked against the fight to have his children repatriated. To give his own children the one desire which he for so many years longed; A place of belonging!
His work as a professional in First Nations Issues at municipal, provincial and federal levels, along with his roles in the Traditional First Nations Communities; (privately shared time with well known public figures, Native and Non-Native) are part of the back story; These stories seamlessly woven into the context of his struggles and victories. All along keeping the story's most powerful themes, the sacred importance of relationships, family, personal growth, healing and belonging, integral to the evolving legacy of oral tradition that in an ever changing world demands a written record. 
It is a Legacy that will leave you believing in the power that telling has as a means to give others a place of belonging.
Thomas Francois; B.R.S.; Historiographer
Father of Caleb, Jesse and Jania Francois

To see my professional profile and the altruistic, heart motivated, spiritual endeavours of a life dedicated to the human community please visit this link. Thomas Michael Francois

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